How To Choose The Right Patio

Your patio area should compliment your house. There are a vast array of colours, styles and patterns to choose from.

You want to make the right choice first time. To help you with your choice we offer the following guide.

1st Decision – Slab Pattern


2nd Decision – Product


Traditionally concrete slabs were cheaper than natural stone.

That is no longer the case, indeed many good quality Indian stone products are now cheaper and harder wearing than concrete paving.

3rd Decision – Colour


You need to decide whether you want a patio that blends with the colour of your house or contrasts with it.

(This is especially relevant if your house bricks are dark and your garden lacks light – a buff patio can brighten your whole patio area).

I hope this helps, but if you require further advice why not try our D.I.Y Landscaping Consultancy Services? Or alternatively contact Parkes Landscaping for an installation quotation.

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