How To Keep Your Pond Water From Going Green

This is a big subject so I’ve just listed below, a few of the golden rules to help.


Flow Rate

All of the water in your pond and filter (e.g 1000 gallons), needs to flow through your filter every 2 hours, to allow the good bacteria in your filter to break down all of the harmful elements in your water.

(e.g A flow rate of 1000 gallons/2 hours = 500 gallons per hour)

*If your pool is in direct sunlight for most of the day, you must add 25% to your flow rate (e.g 500 + 25% = 625 gallons per hour)

*If your average pool depth is less than 2 feet deep you must add a further 25% to your flow rate (e.g 625 + 25% = 781 gallons per hour)

How do you measure it?

Divide your flow rate by 60 (e.g 781/60 = 13 gallons per minute).

Now place a 3 gallon bucket under the return from your filter to the pool for 1 minute, and check the volume returned. You may need more than 1 bucket!

A Good Filter System

Use a good filter system such as this one manufactured by CD Aquatics of Cannock:

  1. Airate your alphagrog and flowcore
  2. Clean out your brushes at least weekly
  3. Introduce a sachet of bio start every spring, to replace good bacteria killed by the cold winter
  4. Change your Alphagrog once a year (ideally Spring) and introduce the correct amount of Bio Start
  5. Change your U.V filter bulb every 6 months for optimum performance
  6. Regularly clean debris from the bottom of your pool to keep ammonia levels down

Follow these golden rules and your pool water will look clean enough to drink!

If you are not sure, or still having problems, why not contact us today.

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